About Us

So what’s Life & Fork all about? Life & Fork is a range of tasty, nutritious, gourmet freezer foods. Our frozen meals are designed to save you time and make your life easier. We take away the daily hassle of shopping, preparing and cooking meals. Our food is ideal for busy families, working moms and singles - both young and old. And for those who really just don’t like cooking …! Simply defrost and heat, and serve with vegetables or a perky salad and a starch of your choice (that is if you are not Banting!)



Life & Fork food is wholesome and delicious. The meals ensure that your family’s nutritional needs are met by providing good, healthy food. We use natural, fresh ingredients and whole-food as much as possible, and we don’t use preservatives, colourants or chemical additives. Our meals are high in fibre and are nutrient-dense – in fact everything you'd want and expect from home cooking! We have a variety of meals to choose from and cater for a range of lifestyle and dietary needs.

Allergies? Wheat/gluten, dairy, eggs, sugar? You can order meals which are free from most allergens. Take a squizz at the meals that Kathy has designed (together with Dr Katy Withers), for those who have food intolerances or allergies.

Banting? Most of our meals can be adapted to suit the Banting lifestyle.

Vegetarian? Everybody gives vegetables a raw deal (no pun intended!). Our dishes are delectable. Try the Roasted Vegetable Lasagne, Thai Butternut Soup, or Brinjal, Chickpea and Date Tagine. PS. Our scrumptious brownies are vegetarian too!.

Sweet Treats? So, if you are looking for a sweet treat, our legendary brownies are decadent and are just the thing for a bit of indulgence. (PS. To be hidden from family and friends!).

Favourites? People just ‘ lurve’:
Slow cooked Italian Lamb, Cottage Pie, Yummy Chicken Pie, Vegetable Korma, Rustic Bean Casserole,Delectable Fish Cakes, Chicken Noodle Soup (for the soul).


Portion sizes? We offer family portions (4 pax), couples portions (2 pax) and single portions (1 pax) - all at affordable and competitive prices. PS. The Optimum Care meals are in single portions (1 pax).

So how do I get this food? Free delivery for any orders over R800 (within a 10km radius of Bryanston). You can collect if you wish. For orders less than R800, there is a nominal delivery fee.

Oh, and by the way, who is the chef? Life & Fork is the brainchild of Kathy Mukheibir.

A few years back, whilst running her own upmarket catering and eventing business, Kathy was struggling to balance the ever-increasing needs (and hungry stomachs) of her young family. With both her children battling with allergies and food intolerances, Kathy identified the need to provide well-balanced, nutritious and convenient family meals. As a result, she launched Life & Fork with a range of delicious and ‘junk’ free meals. And it has morphed from there!

We all know the saying: You are what you eat. As an experienced chef with a deep interest in the relationship between food and health, Kathy knows this only too well. Her years of observing the effects that various foods have on our bodies, and creating food for specific dietary needs, have confirmed this for her. Her philosophy is that because life is really busy, what you put on your fork is vitally important. We tend to think we are healthy and normal, but most of us have health issues like indigestion, eczema, acne, exhaustion, stress, etc. and we accept them as normal… but if we eat well, we perform well.

After taking a sabbatical in 2017, Kathy realised how passionate she is about educating people regarding the relationship between food and how well or badly our bodies function. Hence the collaboration with Dr Katy Withers. Together, Kathy and Katy have created the Optimum Health Meals which are sugar free, gluten free, egg and dairy free.

Kathy is also determined to convince people that healthy food can be delicious. Just because you are on a special meal plan or diet, you can still eat appetising and deliciously satisfying meals.